RGLinhart, Inc.
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333 W Brown Deer Rd. #130
Fox Point
A Wisconsin Corporate Guardian of Person Service
Located in Milwaukee, WI, RGLinhart, Inc. is a private non-profit State of Wisconsin corporation certified to provide corporate guardian of person services to adults adjudicated incompetent and in need of guardianship. 

Richard Linhart, LCSW, MSSW, with more than 37 years in social work including 28 years in adult protective services in Milwaukee County advocates for the best interests of elderly, developmentally disabled and mentally ill people.  RGLinhart, Inc. endeavors to secure necessary care, services and protective placement, when needed, by regular personal contact with each person and by contacts with paid caregivers, support staff, county case managers and family. 

This highly individualized approach to advocating for each person served by RGLinhart, Inc. fosters dignity, respect, and attention to care-giving details maximizing supportive services for those who have great difficulty making their needs known. 
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